Practice Compassion and Respect This Holiday Season

It’s true, bad things happen to good people. One of the common misconceptions is that being served with legal documents is some type of scarlet letter. But the truth of the matter is, being served does not mean you are the ‘bad guy’. You may be a witness for an ongoing case, you may need to defend yourself or your actions or you may even be wrongfully accused. After all, one of the foundational principles of our legal system is the right for due process. This means that anyone can bring a suit against anyone for whatever their reason. Regardless of your innocence, we do sympathize with the stigma of “being served”. No one wants to answer their door to a subpoena or other legal document. And a process server on your doorstep is certainly even less welcome on a holiday. The situation you may be involved in causes enough turmoil, sending you into an emotional tailspin, there is no need to address this in front of family and friends during a holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving from ALIASS!
At ALIASS, we want to demonstrate the respect you deserve. Although not every state prohibits service on a holiday, we respect you as an individual and will do our very best to plan serving legal documents accordingly. In some cases, however, court ordered requests will override these intentions. Even in these cases, we endeavor to maintain the personal nature of our business with you and avoid a very uncomfortable situation during a time of celebration.

Like you, our servers are just people. They are people with families, hobbies, and feelings. A recent video produced by PAAPRS brings to light the human aspect of our servers. You can view this video by clicking this link: Support Process Server Safety. At ALIASS, we believe this perspective can also be applied to those we are serving. In this holiday season, we hope that everyone will truly see the people behind the stereotypes and be respectful of what each individual represents. In the end, we are all just people enjoying the holidays with our loved ones. ALIASS wishes you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving full of gratitude, compassion and respect.


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